Our Focus-preserving features

That differentiate us from the rest


Artefact-based metaphors

Your actual office has water coolers, sticky notes, doors and ambient light. Understand each others' context better with visual cues and an intuitive UI.


Global focus

Your telepresence suite should be as global as you are. With time zones integral to our original design, take advantage of natural 'solo time' and 'collaboration time' cycles.


Empathy-based metaphors

The conversation is smoother when you know what’s going on with your teammates. We’ve considered time zones, planned time off, topics of interest, and have more planned – all around getting to know how your teammates want to work with you.


Topic-based groups

Precis' Instant Context lets you search your company for relevant topics.

Need to know who the Python expert is without having to talk to all the leads? We've got you.

We offer a focus-sparing and empathy-maximizing solution

Precis is more than a hub, it’s a way to collaborate with teammates in the ways that they want to collaborate.

Context-based search lets you find coworkers, tasks, interest groups -- depending on what you're actually looking for

Conversation actions let you create action items for yourself and others -- and just as easily respond

Sometimes, you want folks to know you’re at work, but you can’t talk to them right now. Close your door, and let them know you’ll get back to them later. When your door is closed – you’ll only get notifications once it’s open again.

Leave stickies on closed doors, and know that your teammates got them.

Get the small stuff out of the way

The easiest way to deal with small things – like giving you or your teammates a task – is to do it right away, with whatever information you have. Our flexible To-Dos integrate your project management systems right into our chat. Manage To-Dos just as easily. Swipe left to reject a To-Do, and swipe right to move it further down the workflow.

Enjoy a flexible, visual and simple way to execute scrum methodology and manage your tasks in one place. Set due dates, control status and priority for any task or subtask.

Instant context with InstantContext and Water Coolers

Tag groups and conversations with text that’s searchable through your company. Talking about Arduino in a group your coworkers might not know about? Just tag it!

Turn any impromptu group into a Water Cooler that marks it as a discussion group for people who want to talk about that topic, and you have a dedicated space of subject matter experts and novices.

Work across Company borders with increased empathy. 

At Precis, we wanted to opt out of the attention world. Your time and expertise are too valuable to spend dealing with micro interruptions, too valuable to spend learning obtuse software.

We had a lot of fun making this, and couldn't wait to start using it. We think you'll have fun too.

Precis: Get things done, anywhere